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A great team of technical developers, we develop remarkably simple, yet incredible ODOO solutions to uplift your business and its profitability. Taking the specific needs into consideration, we deliver a quick fix implementation for every industry to breakthrough.

ODOO CRM with Sales Force Management
- Simplify Your Sales Processes

Expand your functionality with automated sales. Our ODOO CRM solutions simplify complex sales processes, define and automate tasks at each stage. With eliminated manual errors, improved sales efficiency and workflow – our solutions are sure to improve conversion and revenue.

ODOO Inventory & Service Management
- Streamline Day-to-Day Business Operations

Improve performance while saving time. Our ODOO inventory and service management allows for the most efficient stocking method. Aside from its organized double entry system which allows for complete traceability of the stock, advanced features like drop-shipping and cross-docking make managing warehouses a much easier task.

ODOO Ecommerce and POS
- User friendly Point of Sale and Compatible Online Store

Pick your point of sale anywhere, at any time. Our integrated ODOO POS services are reliable both online and offline. Because of its smart interface and flexibility it is compatible with any hardware whether tablet, laptop or PC. This makes sure you have high quality, attractive, informational online stores that are also mobile friendly for e-commerce.

ODOO Project Management
- Complete Control Over Your Projects

Have complete control over organizing, scheduling, planning and analyzing workload and tasks. Our agile project management solution allows for forecast of resources and needs like employee availabilities and performance of your business, to maximize profitability. Visual representations, work flow charts and real time sheets to compare business forecasts means a much more visible, and a better managed business.

ODOO Construction ERP
- Manage Construction Projects Without External Influence

Co-ordinate all processes with enhanced performance in construction. Our ODOO solutions allow you to allocate resources, manage material costs, and keep track of consumed materials for appropriate flow of records. To minimize errors, our solutions also help maintain project history including sales and purchase orders, detailed reports and create bills of quantity.

ODOO SAAS Platform
- Providing Key Services with Ease

Save yourself from hours of effort trying to run, track and manage various operations for their business. Our ODOO SaaS model is time-saving, cost effective and flexible, which can be defined according to your needs. From sales management, customer management, email marketing, inventory management, purchase management and much more, implement a SaaS model for enhanced productivity and high-quality services with minimum management.

ODOO Magento Integration
- Eliminate Manual Data Entry

Automatically & instantly synchronize your catalogues, orders, customers and inventory data. After a certain level of growth manual data entry is no longer possible. Our Magento eliminates manual data entry and saves time by automatically linking your catalogues, order, customer and inventory information from your online store to Odoo.

ODOO Transport and Fleet Management
- Easy Management and Auto Entry

Follow up and keep track of your vehicles without any worries with our ODOO Transport Management System. Beyond mere managing fleet and travel, the solution helps to plan ahead with regards to fuel management, sales turnover, managing drivers and their commissions. Users can also generate sales orders with updated details of transport such as route, transport via and parcel details.

- Effective Management of Human Resources

Get a 360-degree overview of employees and their skills. Our ODOO HRMS provides a simple, easy to use tool to manage your hiring process and organize job applications. Helping you save time, the ERP offers automated processes to boost both group and individual productivity, increase employee potential and improve overall workforce satisfaction.

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